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NCMA  students are invited to join our NCMA  Black Belt Club.  Members of the NCMA Black Belt Club receive special classes, martial arts training outside the regular class, and much more. 

Discover all the wonderful benefits of being an NCMA Black Belt Club Member or a Warrior Coaching Club Member!

Our group classes require a beginners camp in order to start training which is the ideal way to start, these classes run regularly every few months.

These are still group classes and lack the indepth instruction that the beginner's camps give you but it gets you started straight away. Non-members days attendees can attend  are strictly non-contact only and 4 weeks after the first class attendees must become members regardless of how often they are training.

We are in an era where many people are looking for fast food martial arts which is a little bit of this a little bit o that cheap and cheerful. I have nothing against the establishments that offer this although I must admit I used to many years ago. These places serve a certain type of clientele in a wide and diverse market place.

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Warrior Gym, Arkwright Mill, Hawkins Street,
Preston, Lancashire, PR17HJ

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Mobile: 07473406206

Email: [email protected]

Open Hours

Monday - Friday: 8 AM - 9 PM
Saturday: 10 AM - 1 PM
Sunday: Closed

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