Kickboxing Classes

This is system is the part of Sanshou that is a very popular and covers the sport of kickboxing that involves punches and kicks above the waist in a sporting capacity. The club was won many titles in this field including British, National, European and World Titles .

Under NCMA we train light contact & full contact. Please not we do not practice semi-contact or point fighting but there are many other local clubs that cover this aspect of kickboxing.

If it’s your first time, and you're looking at training with the Warrior Gym Preston your first place to start is in one of the starter camps. We run camps regular and one of club’s trainers will be available to show you the club, help you put on your bandages/wraps (to support your wrists under your boxing gloves), take you through some basics of how we train at our gym.

If you’re not new to boxing and don’t feel you need the basics over again, that is fine but the camps are also to show people how we train at the Warrior Gym Preston.

The session starts with a series of warm up and conditioning exercises and stretches to prepare the body for training. The warm up includes skipping, abs work and footwork / agility.

Once we’ve warmed up and stretched you will do a kickboxing circuit, in pairs, in 2-minute rounds, with a 30 sec break between rounds on the bags. The techniques included the basic punches and kicks and developing and understand of them.

After the bag circuit we then cover the technical aspect of training and being a kickboxer.

The class generally finishes up about after approx an hour from the start for newbies. Regular classes are 1.30hr in duration. To see when the next kickboxing camp is scheduled check out the events page.

For more details contact us on 07473 406206 or using the  contact us form