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  • Beginners boxing & Kickboxing camps Preston

    Beginners Camps January 2020

    Merry Christmas to everyone

    As the new year is quickly approaching it leads us into the busiest time of the year within the gym with all the new members starting on the first beginners camp of 2020

  • Boxing 15+

    Boxing is a popular form of combat training in which ring insight, the coordination of feet, eyes and hands, and fitness are key.

  • Cadets class alterations 2019

    We will be making slight alterations to the training schedule which will affect the Cadet kickboxers 

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    How to start training now?

    Our group classes require a beginners camp in order to start training which is the ideal way to start, these classes run regularly every couple of months.

    The beginner's camps get you started in understanding not only the basics but also the structure of how we train as a group. The camps are geared at the level of a beginner and are designed to increase all participants fitness and technical knowledge at the end of the four week period.


  • Kickboxing

    Sanshou kickboxing is a Chinese martial art that allows hands elbows, knees and feet also incorporates sweeps, throws and submissions. The sport has its origins in China and originally developed by the Chinese military.

  • Rocco at the WKO British Kickboxing Championships 2018

    Rocco @WKO British Championships 2018

    Well done to rocco gent on his first ring fight outside of the gym at the WKO British Championships.

  • Shuai Jiao Wrestling

     Shuai Jiao encompasses many means of throwing an opponent to the ground.


  • Spring kickboxing and wing chun grading 2019

    Spring gradings 2019

    As the move into the final push for the gradings its with great pleasure, I can announce the running order

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