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As part of finalising hanging up the gloves (which has been very hard to do) I wanted to get this picture and I got it, many people will recognise it as Leonidas the famous Spartan leader that stands in Sparti. For nearly 20 years like many leaders of old, I have tried to lead from the front in most of the battles and been fortunate my body could handle it.

Learning along the way it is important how to set an example for those that are following. The biggest challenge I set myself was to avoid doing what many others were and still are doing and that is getting complacent with victories and sticking to the same battlefields.

I am passionate about our kung fu based systems so much that it was my mission and sometimes obsession to test it in as many organisations possible. Although the trophy cabinets look impressive the numbers are not important it’s the fact they show the results from a wide variety of organisations. Many people get pally with the organisers of one or two and that’s where they stay for their whole careers. ISKA, WKA, EMA, WKC, FSK, BCCMA, WKKC, ICO, WKU, WKO, WTKA, BSJU, WAKO, Boxing, kickboxing, Thai, K1, Qinda, Sanshou, Shuai Jiao seeking out opponents in different battlefields in order to test what im passing down. If i won great if i loose learning to adapt and to find out which part in the system needs improving.

I would like to thank all of the amazing teachers ive had over the years and still have I have been truly blessed and hope I've set a good example. I would like to also thank all of the many warriors that have fought alongside me at events regardless of how many times you fought and also my opponent’s home and abroad I really have the utmost respect for you all. It's now time to officially hand the leaders helmet over to Antigoni who will now be in charge of the team and make the selection decisions on her return, she has earned the position.

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