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We are in an era where many people are looking for fast food martial arts which is a little bit of this a little bit o that cheap and cheerful. I have nothing against the establishments that offer this although I must admit I used to many years ago. These places serve a certain type of clientele in a wide and diverse market place.

The best way to view the Northern Combat Martial Arts (NCMA) is more of a restaurant that offers complete meals to its clients. We are unique as we offer several dishes that we have spent many many years studying, testing and authenticating.

We have also invested heavily in developing a unique coaching system and way of building curriculums to improve the learning potential of our clients which means you get increased value for money.

Some of the things we don’t do just like a restaurant are

Offer FREE taster meals

Try to sell the meals to clients, everyone’s tastes are different

Chase after clients of course people’s tastes may change, and they develop a taste for a different type of food we don’t offer. A new establishment may open in the area that is recommended by others or their personal circumstances change. The priority will always remain to be on the clients still sat at the tables.

Jump on a bandwagon and start selling the latest fad meal

Some of the activities we offer are starters, some are a main dish and others are a dessert and there is no set order to what must be purchased.

The key is understanding your tastes which will give you a clue in understanding what you wish to consume, just remember we don’t sell kebabs.

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