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There are literally hundreds of different martial arts systems out there, so how do you find the correct one for you?

One of the trickiest things to do when starting out is to actually find one that to start in. These days there is a gym, dojo, kwoon or martial arts school on every other street corner all offering a variety of different systems to the general public. A variety of different methods may be used to lure you through the door and start your journey with and their club.

I like to see the decision making in starting in martial arts as a logical process of elimination that will suit and benefit the practitioner.

  1. What is it you would like to gain from starting.
  2. How much time do you have to dedicate to it? 
  3. Are you dependant on anyone else in order to start training.

What is it you would like to gain from starting in martial arts? Some of the common reasons include the social outlet, health and fitness, self-defence, competitive sports, desire or to learn a traditional art.

How much time do you have free? Some schools require a strict attendance in order to train and progress. Are you only available on certain days, as many group classes have training on specific days? Do you have dependents or a job with erratic work patterns? your family and work should always come first

Are you dependant on anyone else? This is NEVER a good situation and one of the common reasons for people to stop training in their new system.

If you notice recommendations is not up there in my top three, why? Because training in a martial arts system is like being in a relationship and like personal relationships its a personal thing that needs to fit us.

Weigh up these three things then contact an instructor and you are well on your way to choosing a martial art system to start training in.

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