Warrior Championships image

The Warrior Championships are an event casing the variety of martial arts disciplines available at the gym.
This is the only event where you see the full age ranges from the Boxing, Kickboxing, Shuai Jiao Wrestling, Sanshou battling to become champions of their disciplines.

The Autumn gradings as always was a tough series of sessions featuring the best of their categories aiming to progress to the next level. We really dii have blood sweat and tears throughout and as always we had a high pass rate although sadly not 100%.


·         Max  the newest minis member gained his new set of yellow tags and is really settling into this now. Progress with him well on track and he is doing really well.

·         Zack Barron moving on up now and this mini has achieved his mini Yellow Belt Kickboxing in supper quick time. With focus and dedication this young lad could turn out very good.

·         Khordez Amores Thompson has finally settled into the juniors after moving up from the juniors. Adjustments have been made and it showed with a solid grading performance to achieve Yellow Belt Kickboxing

·         Jenson Arthur massive change in this young man but is still work in progress. This young man had to really push hard and make some sacrifices but managed to achieve his Yellow Belt Kickboxing

·         Raven Anderson has really come a long way since starting at our gym, she has been pushed screaming and kicking at times but has managed to achieve that first yellow belt Kickboxing.

·         Lilly Jay Moulding really had to work hard for her Purple Belt Kickboxing as circumstances meant she had no other choice. The good thing is she didn’t crumble and she passed with flying colours.

·         Jessica Arthur did amazing well and all of the death runs and monkey jumps paid off as she was super fit ready for grading day. A strong performance for her and welcome to the Orange Belt Club.


·         Stephanie Nicol an emotional rollercoaster of a grading which showed just how much it meant to her. Very impressed with the change in this lady and looking forward to future progress from her. Welcome to the Orange Belt Club and well done.



nnThis was truly amazing grading and came very close to 100% pass rate well done to everyone and look forward to seeing you all at the Winter gradings in December