Bag of Tricks

I have a bag of tricks to help people achieve what they aim for. All of them involve work, either physical or mental. Its just a matter of working out which aspect of their work is weak or over active for the situation. I did one of these interesting tricks on one of the Wing Chun kids on Tuesday. By giving his mind an extra task to do it calmed his physical body down. Especially kids they can swing from extremes and be hyperactive and bouncing off the walls, or withdrawn and quiet. Sometimes you need Yin sometimes you need Yang its all about the balance

I am so pleased to say this is currently the strongest Wing Chun group & Qigong we have had for years.
The emphasis is not just about learning techniques and forms its more importantly how you APPLY the PRINCIPLES. Fantasticly everyone is really understanding these more these days.

 Great news all the pink slips go out tonight and tomorrow for the Spring gradings. Those of you that have reached the required level to take part in the main grading will recieve a selection form. Please note you do not need to accept the invitation and can pass until a date in the future.

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The next boxing and kickboxing event has now been schedul;ed in so its full steam ahead for everyone. We will be taking names from next week and  adjusting potential competitors training accordingly in preparation for the event. Ideal opportunity for people to get into the sport side of things at the gym for kids adults males and females.


New beginners camps are now listed ready to start for 2016. So far the Boxing & Sanshou Kickboxing camps have been listed and booking are being taken. These camps are pre booking only and no entry payment on the door will be accepted. For pre booking please visting the events section of the website

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